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30 Agosto 2016
Posted by Food Partners Patagonia

Beginning of the Red Shrimp Production in our new San Julian Plant, Santa Cruz Argentine

The first season of Red Shrimps from Patagonia just started next week in our new processing and production plant at San Julian.

Almost two months ago, Food Partners Patagonia opened its second processing and production plant at San Julian, Province of Santa Cruz Argentina. Newly refurbished, the plant has started recently its first production of Argentine Red Shrimp 100% wild-caught.

Our fishing operation has resulted in an excellent volume of product. This fundamental activity is currently in the hands of Dario Tsablis, Head of Production for Food Partner Patagonia and his team, thirty employees all from San Julian.  

The Patagonian Red Shrimp is highly appreciated by consumers due to its unique taste qualities. Our fishing team finds a well sized variety of this singular sea specie along the Patagonian Coast and particularly in the gulf of San Jorge and Camarones Bay.