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20 Abril 2016
Posted by Food Partners Patagonia


Discover tips for preparing and cooking this delicate fish 100% wild-caught

With its thick and firm meat, the hake of Patagonia could be cooked by many methods: frying pan, steam, plate, oven or broth. Discover its secrets of cooking.

The hake of Patagonia is an easy fish to prepare. Its thick and firm meat allows many varied methods of cooking: to the frying pan, steam, plate, oven or to the broth.

Nevertheless it is preferable to cook it in a rapid way to avoid that its fragile meat crumble. In a broth, that only need two minutes to cook it.

The big strength of the hake is its versatility. This fish can be accommodated with cold or warm sauces. It represents an excellent alternative to replace for example the cod.