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20 Abril 2016
Posted by Food Partners Patagonia


From the research of King Crab to the discovery of the Red Shrimp of Patagonia

When they were looking after King Crab in province of Chubut (Argentina) the professionals of Food Partners Patagonia, discover the incredible red shrimp of Patagonia. Famous for its sweet taste, incomparable organoleptic qualities and for its premium quality. Food Partners Patagonia decides to install the company of fishing, production and exportation of product in the virgin extreme south area. By this way they begin this adventure in the austral ocean.

Products of Patagonian Sea, Premium Quality  

Food Partners Patagonia created in 2011, at the beginning of the current seafood trend consumption more just and sustainable. The company developed a site of fishing, production and export logistics. Today the company counts with 300 employees in Puerto Madryn. It allows to the company to be focused on the market of the wild shrimp and precisely with the red shrimp of Patagonia. A product with incomparable organoleptic qualities. The company complements its products line with the exploitation and only one plant exportation of King Crab and Hake. Other two premium products of this geographical zone.

The fishing, an propre activity of Food Partners Patagonia.

Food Partners Patagonia manages his own fleet of four vessels of fishing and also a freezer ship. The system of fishing used by the company allows them to preserve the other kinds of crustaceans that they find in the seabed during the exploitation. The vessels leave from Rawson's port (province of Chubut), very early in the morning, at 6 am. When the vessels return to the port during the night, the shrimps are cleaned, decorticated and conditioned. The product passes by a process of single congelation before to be sent to the Asian, American and European markets. 

Friends of the Sea  

Only small quotas of vessels are allowed to go fishing from October to March in the waters of Patagonia. With this restriction, the national and provincial authorities preserve the seabed and allow the correct development of the different species for their growth and reproduction stages. Twenty years of experience acquired by the professionals of Food Partners Patagonia in the Seafood industry, as the common will to protect the ecosystem of the Patagonia they become real friends of the sea and give to Food Partners Patagonia a trusted status.